Videographer captures rain and clouds moving across the Valley

Rain clouds move across

Rob Gibson

The Okanagan is full of creative and talented individuals, especially when it comes to photography and video production.
James Alton moved to the Okanagan a few years back from Toronto and instantly fell in love with the vistas that can be found almost everywhere.

"I feel like you can almost point your camera anywhere and get a cool photo of B.C.," Alton says.

Alton is a professional photographer and video producer. He typically sells his photos and videos to companies like Getty Images but he shared one of his latest productions with Castanet, "I shot this video as a 6K timelapse, using Blackmagic production gear. This video features a view of Lake Okanagan looking southwest towards West Kelowna and Peachland from the Joe Rich, Black Mountain area."

The video captures rain and clouds moving across the lake at sunset. Alton says he's been honing his craft for the past seven years or so and he says knowing the way light and shadows work is one of the keys to capturing and creating interesting visuals.

"It's a bit of luck and a bit of technical know-how and of course being ready to go."

Alton appreciates living in the Okanagan, "I'm really honoured to be here, to be honest. Toronto has it's own personality and charm but it's very different culturally.

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