Thief caught on camera stealing 11-year-old boy's bicycle

Bike thief caught on camera

A man was caught on camera stealing an 11-year-old boy's bike in Kelowna on Wednesday.

Jeremy Albrecht has lived in Rutland for three years and loves the community, however, he's noticed an uptick in crime in the area recently.

Albrecht was enjoying the Vancouver Canucks game on Wednesday evening around 9:30 p.m. when a thief scoped out his yard, took out bolt cutters and stole one of his children's bikes just outside of his home.

The thief first attempted to cut the locks from a set of bikes on the deck but was unsuccessful so he cut the locks off of Albrecht's sons bike.

"Bolt cutters will get through just about anything unfortunately. My son was pretty upset when he found out his bike was stolen. As soon as I showed him the video, he was sort of in shock," says Albrecht. "My neighbours, they've had their bikes stolen in the last few months. They've had their bike locks cut as well."

And this isn't the first time someone has stolen something from Albrecht's property.

"I've had my outboard motor stolen and I've had one of my kids bikes stolen before," he says. 

The bike that was stolen on Wednesday is a bright green Kona Hahanna bike. Albrecht has contacted RCMP who have yet to follow up on the incident.

"I feel that these types of people that steal things may not be dealt with by the law unless we as a community are sharing this with others so that we can all be on the lookout, have each others backs and try to put a stop to this," he says.

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