RCMP plea: Treat replica firearms as if they are the real thing

Fake guns a real concern

Kelowna RCMP have a message for owners of imitation and replica firearms - treat them as if they are the real thing.

RCMP say more and more, they are coming face-to-face with replica firearms which, in highly dynamic incidents, a high risk encounter or in bad lighting, can make it impossible to distinguish.

In a news release, police say BB guns, airsoft guns and replica firearms can all have the appearance of a real gun. And they can all trigger a serious response from police.

“Our officers will treat all these replicas as real until it can be safely proven that they aren’t,” says Insp. Dale Somerville, operations officer with the Kelowna RCMP.

“Imitation firearms are not toys and they need to be dealt with responsibly. Our message is simple: Avoid the confrontation. Don’t show imitation guns in public.”

The RCMP is also asking those who sell air guns and replica firearms to be vigilant about who they're selling to and to make sure buyers are aware that these items can be mistaken for lethal weapons.

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