COVID conspiracy theory protesters set up outside Castanet

Protest outside Castanet

A group of COVID-19 conspiracy protesters set up outside Castanet’s Kelowna headquarters Wednesday morning.

Carrying signs like “Jail Bonnie Henry, Dix and Farnworth” and “Contact tracing violates our privacy,” the small group says they are upset with Castanet’s coverage of pandemic. 

The protesters were also carrying signs condemning most other Kelowna media outlets.

Many of the protesters are the same group that has gathered in Stuart Park regularly. The group has also been distributing pamphlets of COVID-19 conspiracy theories within the community. 

The majority of the group would not provide their names, with the exception of their leader, who would only provide his first name as "Dave."

The group moved on after about 30 minutes, possibly to picket other media.

Throughout the pandemic, Castanet News has strived to provide science and fact-based coverage of the pandemic by spreading the recommendations of health officials and provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry.

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