Dashcam footage captures pickup driver running stop sign

Pickup runs stop sign

A Kelowna driver captured the moment a truck drove straight through a stop sign on Tuesday morning, endangering other vehicles on the road.

The incident happened at about 6:45 a.m. at the intersection of Leckie Road and Dilworth Drive.

Arnold Butland was on his way home from a work job when he approached the green light and yielded to an oncoming vehicle from the opposite side of the road.

But the oncoming traffic wasn't just limited to the vehicle on the other side of the road - he also avoided a truck which "flew through" from his left. 

"The guy just flew through the stop sign. The other driver that was coming from the other direction shook his head as he was going past me and had his hands up in the air like what, did you just see that?"

"I turned the corner and I realized, s***, that just happened in front of me."

Butland reported the incident to Kelowna RCMP about an hour later when he made it home and reviewed the dashcam footage, but was advised to call 911 immediately, should a similar incident happen again. 

He says it is paramount that drivers learn to be more careful to ensure everyone's safety on the road. 

"I don't know if the guy was texting or what he was doing but obviously he blew right through the stop sign, like he wasn't planning on slowing down.

"Everybody's got a drivers license, everybody was taught to drive properly. I wish everybody would learn to just abide by the signs and drive to the speed limit."

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