UBC Okanagan awards support students through the summer

Summer won't stop students

It may be summer break for UBC Okanagan, but that hasn't stopped seven undergraduate students from continuing to advance their skills academically. 

Students from UBCO's Faculty of Management are using the summer break to partner with professors in investigating food security, senior fall prevention and online consumer behaviour, among other areas of research.  

They're being well-supported as recipients of various awards which provide both academic and financial security.

Four students are receiving support through Management Undergraduate Research Awards (MURA), two through International Undergraduate Research Awards (IURA) and one through a Regional Socio-Economic Development Institute of Canada (RSEDIC) award. 

"We are proud to be able to offer our undergraduate students these opportunities to engage more deeply with their studies and gain valuable new research skills,” says Roger Sugden, dean of the Faculty of Management.

“The experiences these students will gain over the coming months will serve them well in their future, in their academic studies and beyond.”

Faculty of Management student and MURA recipient Shree Nithi Santhagunam says she is grateful for the opportunity to dive into research on how to better prevent falls among seniors in partnership with assistant professor Jennifer Davis. 

“Lots of my friends couldn't find jobs over the summer,” she says. “I feel very fortunate to be involved in this project.”

Learning from the younger generation is a privilege in its own right, says Davis.

"Every time I work with students, I learn so much from all of the skill and talent that they bring to the table, and from their life perspectives as well. It's been very enriching for me to work with Nithi and to learn from her viewpoints and the experience she’s had in her life and her studies. It’s exciting to see students who are working to develop some interests and passions in areas that, maybe, they hadn't anticipated.”

Research is being conducted virtually, and students remain connected with their professors through video conferences, email and phone calls. 


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