Country singer Teigen Gayse releases first album

'Don't look back'

Up and coming Kelowna country singer/songwriter Teigen Gayse is celebrating the release of her first album while shining a light on how one song relates to the current state of the world.

Born in the town of Chetwynd B.C., Gayse grew up writing songs and finding inspiration through artists who wrote their own music. After moving to Kelowna in 2012, she studied audio engineering at the Centre for Arts and Technology.

"It actually gives me chills every time I say this, but I remember a year ago saying 'I'm going to release an album by next year' and the fact that I have and I'm so proud of it, it makes me so happy," says Gayse.

The eight track album features one song called 'Don't Look Back' which is a very timely tune, given the current COVID-19 pandemic.

"It's funny how this worked out because I wrote all these songs and recorded them before COVID happened," says Gayse.

However while she was in Texas getting ready to film music videos for other songs on the album, she realized it didn't feel right.

"It was sad times, but then I had the song Don't Look Back and we were just like wow, this fits perfectly for the times," she says."Everyone whose going through a hard time right now, we're all in this together and don't look back you're not going that way. Tomorrow is a new day."

Gayse describes her music as contemporary country and hopes listeners will find comfort in knowing they're not alone during these uncertain times.

Kelowna's Barn Owl Brewing will be hosting Gayse's album kickoff party on July 30. Click here for tickets.

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