Enjoy the Okanagan Lake and a barbecue with Maeg's BBQ Boats

Barbecue boats hit the water

Barbecues and boat days are both summer traditions in the Okanagan and at Maeg's BBQ Boats, you can enjoy both at the same time.

The electric powered boats feature a fully equipped barbecue in the centre to allow passengers to cook their own meal while out on the lake.

"We are actually able to give out temporary (boat) licenses for the day so if they were to take the two-hour rental, they can operate it themselves," says co-manager Michael Murray.

Two packages are available including the 45 minute guided boat tour which takes passengers on a quick exploration of Okanagan Lake. The second package is the two-hour rental which allows passengers to utilize the barbecue and extra time, up to four hours, is available for purchase.

"Everybody's got a motorized boat but these are new, unique, they've got electric motors - good for the environment," says co-manager Alan Doan.

"We usually give them a route where you can putt out and then the wind will push you back so it's relaxing. Theres a ladder so you can jump in and swim in the water, hop back in the boat then have a barbecue."

Operators say that while the COVID-19 pandemic slowed business initially, business has picked back up now that the province is in Phase 3 of reopening plans.

"We hope to see you down here this summer on Maeg's BBQ Boats. You can find us here every day," says Murray.

New COVID-19 protocols in place at Maeg's BBQ Boats include the disinfection of all life jackets and boat surfaces between every use. To learn more click here.

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