Kelowna resident shares experience of 'vicious' dog attack

Pit bull attacks labrador

A Kelowna resident's evening walk with her dog took a turn for the worse on Monday night when her labrador was attacked by an off-leash pit bull. 

Juliana Lavigne was walking her labrador along Royal View Drive toward Knox Mountain Park at about 9:15 p.m. when she spotted the loose pit bull, with no leash or collar.

The pit bull was about 20 metres away, says Lavigne, so they stopped in an effort to avoid any further problems arising.

"We saw two guys outside of their home and I overheard them saying that someone had left the gate open, we made them aware of the loose pit bull," says Lavigne.

"The guys called the pit bull over, but it ignored them and came towards us. Our dog was completely calm but suddenly the pit bull charged and attacked our chocolate lab."

It was a "vicious and damaging attack," she says, which also caused her to fall on the concrete.

The two men helped pull the pit bull off of her dog, who was rushed to Fairfield Animal Hospital with bleeding and serious injuries.

Just before midnight, the labrador received surgery and stitching for a portion of his left ear that had been torn off, as well as cuts to the left side of his face and shoulder.

Lavigne says they count themselves lucky there were four adults in the vicinity, instead of a child or elderly person where things "could have ended much worse" for the person, and their pet.

"We are in shock and traumatized about what happened and want to warn the neighbourhood as it could be your dog or your family member at risk."

The incident has been reported. 

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