Kelowna Right to Life Society holds demonstration downtown

Anti-abortion demonstration

Warning: Some readers may find the contents of this story offensive

The Kelowna Right to Life Society held a demonstration on Wednesday in downtown Kelowna to spread their message against abortion.

"We are a pro-life group and we try to educate the public about the truth of abortion," says Kelowna Right to Life president Asia Wilson. "Abortion is legal through all nine months of pregnancy in Canada and we believe that all human life should have equal value and rights."

Wilson hopes people driving and walking by feel more educated after seeing the graphic images of aborted and unborn fetuses and hopes it will change the mind of those considering an abortion.

Executive director of the society Marlon Bartram says, "We realize some of these images are hard to look at, especially for people who may have been involved in an abortion decision in their past and we just want to encourage them to seek healing, seek counselling, come to realize what actually happened to their baby and one day hopefully be able to be at peace with that," he says.

And in response to the negative feedback from community members, Bartram says the process of changing opinions on abortion is just like what people went through to change peoples opinions on slavery.

"It's a long slow battle to change public opinion on an issue," he says. "You look at the issue of slavery for example, it enjoyed public support for 289 years before people finally realized that the slave is a person and we have the same battle. We're trying to convince society that the unborn child is also a person deserving of rights, primarily and most fundamentally the right to life."

The society also mailed out 10,000 postcards to Kelowna residents this past week with 'Did you know' facts about abortion in Canada.

Castanet spoke with some people nearby to see what they thought of the demonstration. 

One woman says, "It's not necessarily something that needs to be presented right on Bernard but then again everybody has a choice to express their opinions however they want to ... I kind of feel like we're fighting for love instead of loving for love by putting demonstrations out like that."

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