Kelowna resident finds her cat cleanly cut in half

Cat found cut in half

There is a warning to cat owners in the downtown Kelowna area to keep their pets inside, as reports circulate of animals being mutilated.

Alexandria O'Neill says one of her four cats was cut in half, discovering the body just outside a neighbour's door on Friday. 

"In front of her house, right in front of her vehicle. It was just cut side up and it was just blood and flies. She's like 'that's not your cat is it?' and I was like 'that looks like my cat Misses and then I flipped her over and it was my cat and I just broke down," explains O'Neill. 

O'Neill confirms she reached out to the RCMP and BC SPCA for a formal investigation. She says police came and took a report.

Castanet reached out to Kelowna RCMP who say they've received a report of a deceased cat and "are currently waiting for the results of a necropsy that is being completed by investigators with the SPCA to determine the cause of death."

O'Neill says there were no bite marks and no blood, it was a clean cut. 

She realize it is very likely to be an animal but is still waiting on the SPCA to collect the body so she can't confirm those details yet.

After taking some time to grieve, O'Neill and her husband were told by a friend that half a cat, the backside, was found at Bankhead Elementary on Wilson Avenue.

According to a post on Kelowna/Okanagan Lost and Found Pets on Facebook, a man was jogging in the area and found the body on the grass, blocks away from O'Neill's residence on Coronation Avenue. 

"I got into contact and got a picture and confirmed it was the back half of my cat, also a clean cut."

O'Neill is waiting for the BC SPCA to come to retrieve the top half of her cat to perform an autopsy.

"We are devastated, she was the best cat. My son was supposed to grow up with her. She was the best cat, our best friend. It's horrible," O'Neill says as she fought away tears.

Mrs. Fluffy Fluff, who went by Misses, was a six-year-old adopted cat that the O'Neill family adored. 

"We just want justice. I don't know what kind of sick person would do something like this... We need to get this person caught, we need to put this person away and we need to get this person help."

She says she doesn't want anyone else to go through what she and her family went through losing a best friend. 

"Even if it is an animal problem as there are multiple reports, it is still an issue that pet owners need to be aware of," added O'Neill.

That is why she's keeping her three other cats inside at night and highly recommends everyone else does the same. 

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