UBCO and Okanagan water board address flood mitigation ideas

Protecting against floods

As water levels rise, UBC researchers are partnering with the Okanagan Basin Water Board (OBWB) to come up with solutions to address flooding in the Okanagan Valley.

More than $37,000 has been contributed by the OBWB for the research project with UBC's Lifecycle Management Laboratory, to help engineers develop new modelling tools to mitigate flooding risk. 

It will provide added assistance to local governments making decisions on how to protect against flooding and its potentially disastrous consequences, says UBCO researcher Kh Md Nahiduzzaman.

“Communities like Kelowna are facing flooding on a regular basis, so creating models based on historical trends and future projections is vital for decision-makers.

“What we need is a shift in focus from a flood-protection approach to an adaptive resilience approach."

OBWB executive director Anna Warwick Sears says the tools are much-needed by the region, considering the social, financial and environmental impacts of flooding on communities. 

“Cities across the Okanagan are increasingly at risk of repeated flooding due to a variety of factors, including the impacts of climate change.”

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