Goudie Road floods at Dave's Creek in Joe Rich

Goudie Rd. deals with flood

Contributed Tony Koopmans

The early morning rain mixed with the warmer temperatures has led to flooding on Goudie Road at Dave’s Creek in Joe Rich Wednesday night. 

Tony Koopmans, the Head of the Joe Rich Road Improvement committee sent in videos of the water from the creek accumulating onto the road. 

He says at 4:30 p.m. the water was just at the edge of the road and within 45 minutes it crested over the road. AIM Roads is at the scene and have closed the road until further notice. 

“Everybody has to use Huckleberry Road as an alternative route to get up to Sun Valley and the upper part of Goudie Road,” explains Koopmans. 

Koopmans says this type of flooding happens often like the washout that took place two years ago. 

“We had the Dave’s Creek washout and further down the creek was the Huckleberry one and it totally washed out, that one even worse on that end,” explains Koopmans. 

He says he’s been dealing with the Ministry of Transportation to try and fix the problem before it’s too late. 

“This is kind of our evacuation route if we have any fires up here, people don’t have to drive around the whole horseshoe loop of Huckleberry in order to get out of here or go back towards Cardinal Creek.”

He says there was a decent amount of snow this winter and is concerned for the upcoming weeks as temperatures continue to rise. 

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