Kelowna video company gets recognition from Ryan Reynolds

Local ad gets Reynolds nod

Sarita Patel

After the COVID-19 pandemic cancelled all their work, One Peak Creative started an initiative, #adsolation, which creates an ‘ad a day’.

On Friday, the Kelowna-based video production agency rolled out an advertisement for Aviation American Gin, which got some traction from stakeholder and Canadian icon Ryan Reynolds.

“When we got that news, I was actually in bed. It was after this crazy week of very little sleep and it was 6 a.m. and Glen and Meg ran into my room to wake me up just to tell me it happened - not only did Ryan comment but Blake commented on it as well,“ explains Conar Fair, videographer and editor at One Peak Creative. 

The Vancouver-born star commented, “incredible work” and contemplated between hiring the team or kidnapping them. His wife Blake Lively also commented, saying “Couple goals. Mic drop.”

“We chose Aviation Gin because we’ve always really been big fans of Ryan Reynolds. He’s a really cool Canadian dude, seems super down to earth and people always love the campaigns he does for Aviation Gin - they’re super creative, super funny,” adds Fair. 

He says when they thought of the idea, it wasn’t their intention to get noticed by Reynolds but it was a happy coincidence. 

“Him noticing us would obviously just be the icing on the cake. When that all happened it was definitely really exciting for us.”

This isn’t the first time their work has seen traction. An ad they did with Jillian Harris for Expedia aired during the Super Bowl on Canadian networks across the nation.

“In terms of getting direct feedback and seeing engagement like tangible engagement from people, then this definitely would be [biggest] one," says Fair. 

“Being a creative video agency, obviously when all of this first came in to play it was pretty difficult for us because the work we do requires us to be in the same room with people to tell stories." 

The team at One Peak Creative is made up of three people, making them slightly different from larger production agencies. 

“I think in a lot of instances it is a lot easier, just because it makes you so much more agile, less moving parts but you do have to work together a lot more and you all have to have multiple roles,” says Fair. 

Not only was the Reynolds/Lively power couple noticing the crew, but a local special effects company also reached out to One Peak Creative to collaborate with them on their 24-hour ad challenge. 

“They helped us out with special effects, like the gunshots you saw and some of the drone shots. They made it look like night time, so they really helped us pull the vision together.”

He says working with another local company during these tough times has been very inspirational.

“It’s a really strong sense of community and it makes you feel more like everyone’s in this together… and when you can continue to inspire each other and work on these projects together and inspire other people it just feels good."

To watch the full advertisement for Aviation American Gin, check out One Peak Creative's Instagram

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