West Kelowna vet says he has COVID-19 tests for pets

Pet tests for COVID-19

A West Kelowna veterinarian says there are now tests available to determine if your pet has the coronavirus.

Dr. Moshe Oz at Rose Valley Veterinary Clinic says he has just received tests that will work on dogs and cats.

Dr. Oz says it's usually the first question pet owners have been asking of late, "when can we do the tests."

However, he says just because he has the tests available, people shouldn't rush out to get one.

"You have to meet three criteria," he says.

"Either there is a person in the house that is sick has tested positive to COVID-19, or the dog or cat shows clinical signs of COVID-19."

He says he can also administer the test if there is an illness with a pet that he is unable to diagnose, but suspects COVID-19.

It takes one to three days for results to come back.

While testing is available, the BC Centre for Disease Control says there is currently no evidence that domestic animals like pets can spread the virus to people.

The BCCDC says there have been reports of two cats and a tiger that became sick with the virus after close contact with an infected individual.

"The priority until now is the human test, which it should be," said Dr. Oz.

"I think it may be the same with human tests, the more you test the more you find, hopefully not."

The cost of a test is about $200.

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