Kelowna couple starts up Facebook group to care for community

More caremongering, please

A Kelowna couple determined to help their community in this time of need have started up a Facebook group dedicated to just that.

It has been affectionately named Caremongering Kelowna, to combat scaremongering, deliberately spread encouragement and ensure people are cared for, especially the most vulnerable.

Glenmore residents John Scott and Allison Bradley came up with the idea after considering what they could do to help, and noticing a friend's Facebook post about grassroots groups getting people together.

"I had gone to bed that night and just thought oh that’s a great idea. Then about 3 in the morning I sat up out of bed and thought why aren’t we doing this here? There’s a need, and people want to help, and this would be a great way of doing it. Other than that I’ve got no qualifications for it, I’ve got no social degrees, I’m a nobody. But I can do something and anyone can do something, and that I guess is what makes you a somebody."

Bradley says the thought came to mind after she realized how many seniors were in need yet still out and about at grocery stores, including her own parents. 

"I just wanted to help. I wanted to do something. I knew that there were so many seniors who were in need. They needed to stay home. What I saw was when I went to the grocery store they were there, and they shouldn’t have been."

The group has helped to provide free handyman services to seniors in need, a temporary place of residence for a new doctor, free washing of scrubs for hospital workers, mortgage relief advice, hand sanitizer, artwork for parents to do with their kids and more.

"You’ve got people helping in a desperate life-saving manner, like providing masks, and then you’ve got people who are just touching hearts," says Scott.

The couple say they never expected the Facebook group to become so popular. It now has nearly 1000 members. 

It's now taking on a life of its own, and it's the kind of community spirit that will get us through, says Scott.

"The thing with life is that when you’ve got to overcome obstacles, there are three things the human spirit needs. It needs a little bit of love, it needs a little bit of faith, and a little bit of hope. And when those things are in place, we overcome anything and everything."

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