Pulse Cardiac Health waives monthly fees on their videos for all

Free heart health program

Sarita Patel

With many people looking for different ways to stay healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic, two Kelowna residents are aiming to help those who aren’t able to get out to exercise by waiving their monthly fees on their online heart health service.

“It’s for people with some sort of heart-related disease or issue,” says Shawna Cook, a clinical exercise physiologist working in cardiac rehab and co-founder of Pulse Cardiac Health. 

Cook says they have opened their entire library of education and exercise videos in response to the coronavirus pandemic. 

The couple created the site to help reach those in rural areas without access to facilities in larger cities. Now with some facilities closing due to the pandemic, they want to help in any way they can by making their videos available to everybody.

“Both of us are prairie kids and rural people, so we always see people coming into hospitals from outside of the typical Kelowna region and they’re going back to these rural locations and they don’t really have the same support that we in these urban centres have access to.”

Since the program was already operating, they thought what better way to help the community than make it accessible for all. 

“Everybody has to come together in these times and it’s kinda scary, unknown and troubling - so we just knew we needed to help and we had the ability to,” says Cook. “It’s here so it was a no brainer.”

“People are doing all kinds of things, there’s a gentleman who owns a distillery making hand sanitizer, so we can’t do that,” laughs Cameron Towle, Registered Cardiac Nurse at Kelowna General Hospital and co-founder of Pulse Cardiac Health. 

“We can absolutely make people aware and have access to our videos while this is going on and if we can help a couple of people that would be fantastic,” adds Towle. 

The video library will be available for free until further notice. For more information check out www.pulsecardiachealth.com.

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