Two Kelowna students junior counsellors at amputee seminar

Amputee students inspire kids

Two Kelowna students who grew up as amputees have been selected to be junior counsellors at The War Amps 2020 BC Child Amputee (CHAMP) seminar this month.

Rio Manning and Bryce Cordick will travel to Victoria from March 13-15 to inspire younger generations in the same battles they've faced, encouraging them to develop a positive outlook on their futures.

Manning, born a right-hand amputee, and Cordick, born a left-hand amputee, were enrolled in The War Amps by their parents when they were about two years old.

The first seminar Manning attended was where he met Greg, an accomplished athlete in multiple disciplines such as shot-put and track and field.

Since then, he's been inspired to show younger generations anything is possible.

"It's the same thing with me teaching tae kwon do. I just love being able to impact and show them hey, I'm one-handed, or we have a bit of a disadvantage, but we're still able to do the same things people with two hands and two legs can do.

"It's a miracle I'm here and I'm definitely thankful I have The War Amps in my life."

The theme of the 2020 event is 'Magical Moments', inspired by the life-changing experiences Champs have at a seminar, which includes the latest developments in artificial limbs, informational sessions, meeting others with the same condition and learning to accept their amputations.

It's the second year Cordick has been a junior counsellor at the seminar, and says reuniting with the community and building that network more is what he looks forward to the most. 

"Every year seeing all of the other amputees deal with their issues those are always magical moments."

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