Chances Gaming comes to council for expansion to tables

'Chances' seeks expansion

Kelowna city council will get a chance to weigh in on a proposed expansion at Chances Gaming.

The company is asking the city to approve a "substantial change to the existing casino," by allowing live table games.

The application must be approved by the city before being sent to the BC Lottery Corporation for final approval and implementation.

The expansion would allow Chances to operate games including blackjack, baccarat, poker, and other games which include a live dealer.

A decision on what games are offered would be made in consultation between the company and BCLC.

Chances, which began operating on Springfield Road in 2002, operates a large bingo hall with 410 seats, plus an expanded casino floor featuring 343 slot machines and one electronic gaming table with five seats.

If approved, Chances would need a building permit for renovations to create space for the live table games.

The company has applied for an amendment to reduce the minimum side yard from 15 metres to 14, to reduce the minimum rear yard from 21 metres to 18, to increase the allowable site coverage from 25% to 25.6%, and to amend the site plan within the zone.

A portion of net income generated from gaming facilities in B.C. goes to the province and host municipality.

"The owners see this as a good opportunity to increase revenue for the business, as well as for the municipality and the province," the report states.

In the fiscal year ending March 2019, Chances provided $2.9 million to Kelowna city coffers, nearly 30 per cent higher than the year previously.

Council will hear the application following the public hearing Tuesday, Feb. 25.

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