Improvements coming to Glenmore Rd. and Hwy 97 intersection

Intersection needs upgrades

One of the most well-known trouble spots on Highway 97 in Lake Country is due for a makeover.

The B.C. Ministry of Transportation is wrapping up the final details on improvements for Highway 97 from Duck Lake Rd. to Lodge Rd., specifically for the Glenmore Rd. intersection.

Darrell Gunn, regional manager of project delivery and planning, Southern Interior Region, held an open house this week to gather public feedback, "at the moment we do not have a preferred option but we will take the information and feedback we received and come up with our final recommendations in 2020."

Gunn says the current interchange and intersection needs to be upgraded to improve traffic flow and safety, "there are three grade separation options that are south of the Glenmore Rd. and Highway 97 intersection. One is in the Commonwealth Rd. area, the other two are in between that location and the current intersection."

Grade separation means separating the highway and the connecting ramp to help with traffic flow and improve safety. Gunn also says that could mean removing the lights at Glenmore Rd and Highway 97, "likely that would be the case."

So far there is no budget or dollar figure associated with the improvements but Gunn admits the cost will be "significant" as will the inevitable traffic disruptions once construction does get underway.

If you missed the open houses, there is still time to provide feedback online until February 19, 2020. Once this phase of consultations is complete the concepts will be finalized along with the Ministry's recommendations.

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