A hiker finds a SD card filled with action memories, looking for owner

Do pictures belong to you?

A Kelowna resident is hoping to reunite some family memories with their rightful owner.
The finder who wishes to remain anonymous contacted Castanet in hopes of finding the family who lost their SD card.

"I found it a couple of months ago and it's been sitting on my desk and I haven't bothered to open it until a few days ago... I saw those family pictures and I thought, well if I lose my card I would want someone to return it too, pictures of memories like that can't be replaced."

The resident says they found it while taking a walk near the Mission Creek Greenway.

"It was near the park by Leckie Road, across the street by Mission Creek Greenway - there is a path and I found it along the path there."

"It wasn't stepped on and it's in pretty good shape, it may have been dropped that same day - I'm not too entirely sure."

He says there are around twenty photographs of the family that appear to be visiting from abroad.

He wasn't sure how to reach out to the family as he doesn't participate in social media. If this is your card or know that family who owns it, please contact Castanet

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