Solid Rock Video releases Leon Ave street hockey game film

Leon Ave hockey film out

Eight weeks after local production company Solid Rock Video shut down Leon Avenue to film a community street hockey game, the much-awaited final product has been released.

The two-and-a-half minute film was produced for Kelowna Gospel Mission's Christmas fundraising campaign in an effort to humanize homelessness.

"I think when you're a young lad, you have dreams that you might be an NHL player one day," says one of the men featured in the video.

"Growing up I played soccer, baseball... those were probably the better times, the good times," said another. 

Members of the homeless population living on Leon Avenue, community leaders and drop-in extras turned up for the Oct. 22 filming, as well as the West Kelowna Warriors.

KGM resource development director Michael Morrison says it was important to create a film that emphasized the commonalities between people from all walks of life, and told the real stories of the homeless.

He's very pleased with the final version of the film by Solid Rock Video owner Curtis Allen. 

"Curtis did a great job and it came out just the way I wanted it to. I wanted to show how we are all humans and that we all have similar dream - just that we can get knocked off our path, for the good or the bad. Things are very controversial now in our city and I hope this can help."

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