Kelowna man behind Flash Forest aims to grow a billion trees

Using drones to plant trees

A Kelowna man is trying to reduce carbon emissions and reforest the world – one seed pod at a time.

Bryce Jones is the co-founder and CEO of Flash Forest, a Toronto-based company that uses drones to plant trees quickly and efficiently.

The business is currently running a Kickstarter campaign, trying to scale its technology and secure contracts. It has a goal of planting one billion – that’s right, billion with a B – trees by 2028.

Flash Forest uses industrial-strength drones featuring air pressure systems to fire pods containing tree seeds into the ground.

“After several tests, we improved this technology to give us autonomous firing and flying capability,” Jones said. “Our pod production began with 3D printing designs, a lot of research, trial and error, as well as consultation with experts."

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