Pizzeria donates, residents deliver to Kelowna homeless

Helping one slice at a time

Darryl Reuter, a resident of Kelowna's North End, wanted to do his part to help the homeless.

He put up a Facebook post saying: ‘Hey, how about we show a little bit of compassion here regardless of why they’re there, how they’re there, they probably don’t want to be there either – but let’s try to make life a little more comfortable, a little more welcoming.”

That’s when Houston Pizza reached out to donate 15 large pizzas, valued at about $500.

Reuter and friends Bill Ferguson and Justin Corradetti delivered the pizzas donated by store owner Parth Patel.

“(The camp) was just getting set up when we got there, and everybody was really appreciative… they had a big warming tent there and they kind of positioned them in there and had them all laid out so people could come in and get a nice, fresh slice of pizza.”

Reuter knows it won't solve the problem, but he hopes the gesture can start a ripple effect of caring. 

“There are some big government changes that need to take place here, but there’s also a grassroots movement that need to take place, people working together and providing little solutions as well.

“We’re all in this together ... just because we’re grateful and we have a good job and a warm roof over our head doesn’t mean we have to forget everybody else that might not be lucky in life or made a couple of bad decisions. We all need to rally around.”

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