Singer Megan Freedman releases video filmed in the Okanagan

Finding her voice in Valley

Up and coming singer-songwriter Megan Freedman has released a new music video filmed in the Okanagan.

Freedman hails from Southern California, but after moving to Kelowna in 2015 discovered her love for music.

She finds inspiration through artists such as Bruce Springsteen, John Mellencamp and Tom Petty.

"I started writing songs three years ago ... I try really hard to tell stories when I write my lyrics," she says. "I just released a song ... called Roots and Wings, and it tells the story of my life."

The video produced by Carey Missler includes scenes in Kelowna's Kinsmen Park and Abbott Street, Kalamalka Lake near Vernon and off-road areas near Lake Country and Coldstream. 

"It's really about knowing who you are and holding onto that even if you leave where you came from," says Freedman.

Freedman wanted to utilize the beauty of the Okanagan while also creating a mini version of herself, with a nine-year-old girl named Kailey Merkley.

"The video is actually very adorable ... We put a wig on her and glasses ... she looks just like me in a way."

Freedman wants to showcase her talent in a natural way while focusing on keeping her music as simple as possible.

"I try really hard to not have a lot of editing on my voice. I like to keep it very authentic because I want people who see me live to know that I sound the same on the record."

Since 2017, Freedman has created two EPs after finding inspiration through her multi-instrumentalist stepfather, and through her love of folk and classic rock. 

Four of Freedman's songs on her first EP 'Wild and Free' were produced in Los Angeles with the help of Skip Saylor, a multi-platinum producer who has worked with Tom Petty and Snoop Dogg. 

Those interested in seeing Freedman perform can see her at the Small Axe Bistro in Enderby on Nov. 16 and can also hear her sing O Canada at Prospera Place for the Kelowna Rockets on Nov. 20. 

Freedman's music is available on streaming platforms including SpotifyApple Music, Google Play and Amazon Prime.

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