New meters to save money

The City of Kelowna has begun upgrading aging water meters and metering equipment as they move to improve water system infrastructure. The move is meant to enhance water conservation and leak detection and lower operating costs for the utility.
“Our current water meter equipment continues to age and the ability to read the meter requires us to go onto each property,” said Ed Hoppe, Water Quality and Customer Care Supervisor. “Through this pilot launch, we have the opportunity to upgrade water meter equipment in a way that will allow personal, flexible online access to customer water use information and improve the efficiency of our meter reading – all while renewing a vital City Utility asset.”

The pilot project will begin with two hundred properties across the utility.
The evaluation process will ensure the newer equipment works as expected and those candidates chosen for the free upgrade will be contacted by Iconix Waterworks ahead of the installation.

This new meter system is designed to reduce water loss and ultimately save water and money for residents using the utility's services.

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