Tree Brewing faces lawsuit

Kelowna's oldest brewery is being sued for almost $350,000 in unpaid bills.

Earlier this week, Cask Brewing Systems filed a notice of civil claim against Fireweed Brewing Corporation, the owner of Tree Brewing, alleging the brewery entered into a number of contracts with the company between October 2016 and February 2019 that have since gone unpaid.

Cask Brewing Systems supplies canning systems to breweries, cideries and other beverage companies of all sizes around the world.

The suit claims Tree Brewing has “refused or neglected to make payment” in the amount of 188,086 Euros, $48,433 USD and $6,371 CAD. The total amount in Canadian dollars is roughly $346,540.

“On or about February 9, 2018, Tree Brewing acknowledged, affirmed and agreed with the total amounts owing in three separate audit letters signed by Tree Brewing,” Cask Brewing Systems states in its claim.

“Cask has repeatedly demanded payment of the total amounts owing from Tree Brewing, but Tree Brewing has refused or neglected to pay that sum, or any part thereof.”

While the suit doesn't elaborate on the particulars of the contracts that have allegedly gone unpaid, it says they “supplies materials and equipment” to Tree Brewing, and they've “incurred labour, material, and administration costs to its detriment.”

Tree Brewing has been brewing craft beer in Kelowna since 1996.

Last year, the company that owns Tree Brewing, Fireweed Brewing Corporation, entered into an agreement with Calgary-based Big Rock Brewing, and Tree's Kelowna production facility was closed down as a result, and moved to Vancouver.

Castanet has reached out to Fireweed Brewing, but they have yet to respond.

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