Trails from mild to wild

When you come up to Big White to ride your bike, you’ll see there are lots of signs marking the trails and their level of difficulty.

If you’re new, the lingo can be confusing – Blue Flow, Black Flow, and Double Black Tech? What’s the difference? Let’s explain:

Green – indicates the easiest and most accessible level of trail. Green trails will have shallow grade, minimal roots and rocks, and they will have very easy man-made features and jumps that can be navigated by someone relatively new to riding. Green trails usually have no delineation of tech and flow like blue and blacks because they often contain minimal amounts of both. Green trails are where Bike School brings its beginner courses, as they are often wider, and have more resting places where people can collect and take a moment before they get back to riding. They are family friendly and have a focus on being fun for every level of rider. Check out Bumble Bee, Big White's newest Green trail.

Blue Flow – Blue indicates intermediate level trails and flow is indicative of the features and grade that riders will encounter while riding. Flow means smoother and machine-built trails where the focus is on speed, jumps, and berms. It is expected that riders will know how to stand on their pedals, how to coast, and how to get a little bit of airtime. You will not find sections of steep and gnarly roots and rocks on blue flow trails. After a couple weeks of learning, you can find yourself graduating from Green trails to Blue Flow. These trails usually feature ride-arounds or the ability to roll over any obstacles. Looking for some Blue fun? Try Bermslang.

Blue Tech – Blue Tech means an intermediate introduction to technical trails. Technical trails are generally narrower, man-made trails that emphasize the difficult natural topography and features of an area. They challenge the rider with obstacles like roots, rocks, steep grades, and slippery, wet sections. Tech doesn’t focus on speed and airtime like flow does, so you usually won’t find many jumps or drops. Tech is a good challenge for those who like to keep their tires on the ground and want a good natural challenge. These trails usually feature ride-arounds or the ability to roll over any obstacles. Gecko is a great Blue Tech trail to warm up on. 

Black Flow – If you want to start getting some big air and hit warp speeds, then Black Flow is for you. This means you can expect multiple jumps, drops, and high-speed sections in a row with a heavy emphasis on the features linking up into continuous lines. Don’t expect there to be an easy way around the features and jumps on Black level trails. The brand new Dark Roast trail is where you want to log your air miles. 

Black Tech – Black Tech trails are where the most challenging natural features are heavily utilized in very steep and unforgiving trails. You can expect there to be natural drops, very steep sections, lots of roots and rocks, and you can often expect it to be wet and slippery. Black tech will not give you easy ways around obstacles and features, they may have alternate paths, but don’t expect them to be easy. If you’re looking to get into downhill racing, then Black Teck is going to be your bread and butter. Catapult Ranch is ready to challenge your skills. 

Double Black – Double black diamond trails are like blacks, they come in flow and tech form and are ramped up versions of both. No easy paths, maximum effort is needed to ride these trails. They are built for the serious rider and provide insane thrills as you challenge yourself to the max. Big White's iconic Joker trail awaits.

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