Parents grapple with loss

Alanna Kelly

Family, friends and strangers gathered under candlelight at Kerry Park on Sunday to remember a 16-year-old boy who was killed on the streets of Kelowna. 

Elijah-Iain Beauregard died in hospital after being stabbed on June 27 while at a parking lot near Water Street and Bernard Avenue.

“We didn’t realize that Eli had touched so many lives in his 16 years on the planet,” said the late boy’s father Robyn-Iain Beauregard.

Parents of a slain teen are still looking for justice but spoke about bettering the community during their son's vigil.

“We hope that by bringing everyone together we can build a little awareness about the homeless issue on the streets here… and make sure this doesn’t happen to any other kids out there,” said Beauregard.

A witness came forward to Castanet claiming to have been there the night Eli was stabbed. He says it was a senseless act and he didn’t deserve it. 

"He did not deserve this, no one deserves this. But him of all people did not deserve this, his smile could light up a room,” said Chris Cox. 

Police have not provided further details from the night other than they are awaiting the results of the investigation.

“The person who did it came up to me and said: 'I just stabbed Eli.' She told me she stabbed Eli because he had never been stabbed before,” said Cox.

Eli’s mother told Castanet at the vigil that she was told this same thing, but is still waiting for someone to be held accountable. 

“We kind of feel like we are stuck in limbo right now but I feel like we are going to get some answers pretty soon here,” said Beauregard. “I hope we get some justice for him because he definitely didn’t deserve to go out like this, that is for sure.”

He hopes that by speaking out about this tragedy it will create change.

“We all agree this was a mental health issue, probably, that caused this innocent life to be taken,” said Beauregard. “Please talk to someone before you make bad choices because your life could end so easily.”

The family will hold a private funeral for Eli and a make-shift memorial still sits at the location where he was stabbed, almost two weeks later. 

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