Local author book launch

During the early morning hours, a Kelowna man works at a hedge fund, and after work he’s been busy crafting his very first novel. 

Ryan Watt and his family swapped the hustle and bustle in Calgary for the more laid back Okanagan lifestyle and says it got his creative juices flowing. 

“From 6 a.m. to. 1 p.m. I’m working and then after that I go home and I will write or write once the kids are in bed,” said Watt. 

Working with numbers all day is fun, but it doesn’t give him the same satisfaction as finishing a 310-page novel. 

In the past, he’s tried his hand at writing, but said after about 80 pages in he lost steam. 

“I have editors in the UK and one local one to pick things apart and I’ve re-written it about four times,” he chuckles. “It’s been a lot more work than I thought.” 

On Sunday, As Silver Is To The Moon will debut on Amazon, Indigo, and Mosaic. 

He described the novel as a mix between the cast of Stranger Things and the Lost Boys movie. 

The young adult paranormal novel is about a boy and his family moving to a small California town, only to learn his late grandfather was involved in something he thought impossible - werewolves. 

Watt and his family spend plenty of time reading and says it is a big part of their lives. He thought to himself instead of writing an adult book he would write a teen book.

“Writing something that is tangible and that I can read to my kids… it is very exciting,” he said.

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