Prized possession stomped

Alanna Kelly

Laurie Fraser adores her bright blue Mini Cooper and was devastated to find it vandalized outside her Lake Country home.

She came out Saturday morning to find the hood of her vehicle smashed in.

“There was footprints and hand prints in the dust on the car and it was very obvious that someone had jumped on top of it and smashed it in,” said Fraser.

Fraser won the vehicle about five months ago from Chances and it is the favourite thing she owns.

“It is very special to me, I haven’t had anything this nice to drive in years and years, a long long time. I have had a really bad few years, lots of hardship and loss and health issues,” she said. 

Police were notified about the vandalism, saying it was likely a random act and there was some activity around the area of Bottom Wood Lake Road on Friday night.

“This was finally something that was good that came into my life and now somebody did this… for no good reason,” she said. 

Her neighbours did not see anything and no one in the area has surveillance footage.

This isn’t the first time she has had problems with the parking lot. 

“It is parked close to the street and this is the third time I have had some incidents with the vehicle parked here,” said Fraser. “My old vehicle was broken into twice.”

Anyone who witnessed any suspicious activity can call Lake Country RCMP and mention file 2019-16937.

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