Party exec quits over racism

The former president of the Kelowna-Lake Country electoral district association for the upstart People's Party of Canada has resigned over what he claims are racist and bigoted views of party members.

Daniel Joseph was elected president in November, but on Friday resigned his position. 

Joseph says when he took on the role, the party had just started out at the local level, "and I felt like I had a real opportunity to influence the tone of the party, even from our one EDA. 

"Unfortunately, with newly appointed executives in charge – very vocal officials with utterly hateful views and policy positions – I no longer feel like there is a place for me in this party. 

"I hope that by publicly disavowing the party, they are able to restructure and remove people with hateful, racist, homophobic and xenophobic views."

His post has garnered thousands of views.

Joseph said he can no longer support the party founded by former Tory MP and cabinet minister Maxime Bernier.

"I believe we can do politics differently. I believe in giving a voice to the silent majority, rather than a speaker phone to vocal pockets of dissent and hate. Unfortunately, this party that shouted from the rooftops it was different, has proven to me that it isn't different at all. They are allowing racist, xenophobic, homophobic and downright hateful people into positions of authority and influence."  

Joseph said he still believes there is still hope for the party, but that it will require a drastic change in structure.

"I hope that Maxime Bernier isn't just all talk, and that he's willing to build a party of all Canadians, not just the ones shouting loudly."

Castanet has reached out to the party executive for comment.

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