Billboard gone too far?

A pro-life billboard near the intersection of Highway 97 South and Grizzly Road in West Kelowna has become the target of an Ad Standards complaint.

The billboard shows the image of a pregnant woman next to a picture of the same woman holding her baby after it is born.

The caption reads: 'Our right to life does not depend on our location.'

The anonymous complainant says that, “The information is grossly inaccurate and misleading to the general public about the facts surrounding the abortion laws and rights in Canada. The photos mislead you, suggesting that people are allowed and are actually aborting full term babies.''

The Society’s executive Marlon Bartram says the ad is not inaccurate or misleading because there are no laws prohibiting abortion at any stage in pregnancy in Canada, and therefore one would be correct to infer that from the images. 

“Canada is the only democratic country in the world with zero legal protection for unborn children. By the letter of the law, a child is not considered a human being with rights until she is completely outside her mother's body, and it is legal to abort a baby in Canada at any point during pregnancy, even while it is being born. This is a reality that does not enjoy majority public support,'' Bartram said. 

The Society will be disputing the complaint with Ad Standards, and expects a decision in April. 

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