Chef never stops learning

Canada's top chefs return to Kelowna Feb. 1-2 to battle for the title of best in the nation at the Canadian Culinary Championships.

The competition includes a Mystery Wine Pairing Competition, Black Box Competition, and Grand Finale at the Delta Grand Hotel. Tickets are available at http://www.greatkitchenparty.com/.

Leading up the event, Castanet is featuring profiles of the 11 competing chefs.

Nova Scotia – Thomas Carey, Fresh Twenty One, Dartmouth

What do you love about cooking for a living?

For me, it is the constant learning every day, the excitement of working out a new recipe and developing it to its full potential.

Three things you love about your restaurant:

Having the opportunity to work with new students every year. Helping them get ready for their own journey is something very special. The opportunities to learn and collaborate with the faculty chefs and tourism management here at the college is something unique in itself. It pushes me daily to focus and strive for great things and to always improve. The last thing would be that we get to change the menu constantly and have flexibility to explore other cultural cuisines and using local ingredients.

Where would you travel to on a culinary vacation and why?

I would like to go back to India. I spent three weeks there for a friend’s wedding. I saw and tasted so much, but I feel that I just skimmed the top. The food from the south was my favourite, as it used so many fresh ingredients. The spices were incredible; they were some of the very best I have tasted.

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