Lights in the sky solved

Rob Gibson

UPDATE 10:30 a.m.

The case of mysterious lights in the sky above Kelowna has been solved.

Carol McGowan, Kelowna Golf and Country Club  
Food and Beverage Manager called Castanet this morning after they saw our story.

"There was a Coldwell Banker Christmas party at Kelowna Golf and Country club Friday night with a "Great Gatsby" theme and we had the lights going all night," says McGowan.

Nico Boesten, the manager with New Horizon Productions in Kelowna was responsible for setting up the lights. "We call them the Batman or Hollywood lights. We just got them and we've been using them a lot at different galas and rock concerts and the like."

Boesten tells Castanet, "I love that somebody called in, this is crazy!"

ORIGINAL 6:58 a.m.

A faithful Castanet reader has sent us a video of what he describes as strange lights in the sky above Kelowna.

Brett Wade says he saw the lights on Friday night when he stepped outside while at work.

"First of all, I'm not really one of those UFO guys, I don't wear aluminum hats or anything," Wade says.

Wade says he walked out of work and looked up to see what he describes a formation of two lights spiraling around each other in a consistent pattern. "I thought at first it must be spotlights because I've seen that before but I couldn't see a lights source below so I ruled that out."

The first thing he did after recording the strange sight was to check Castanet to see if there were any other reports of the strange phenomenon. "I didn't see anything, the next day still nothing, so I thought I'd send this video to you guys to see if there is an explanation."

Wade says he and his co-worker watched the lights for a total of ten minutes before moving on and that the lights seemed to be drifting in a northwest direction.

"We were both wanting to write this off as nothing," Wade says and at this point, it remains an Okanagan mystery.

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