Unique gym opens doors

Madison Erhardt

A unique gym has opened in Kelowna for members with chronic health conditions.

Live Well Exercise Clinic on Harvey Avenue opened Nov. 5. 

"We provide supervised medical exercise for members ... with chronic conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and obesity," said owner Cameron Biffart.

The programs are run by highly trained clinical exercise physiologists.

Biffart says it's more than just exercise. 

"A big part of what Live Well wants to do is to continue working with members to think through that lifestyle and behaviour change, which is part of our coaching program.

"We help them understand why the behaviour and lifestyle change is important, and we also give them the tools to help create that lifestyle change."

More than a dozen Live Well clinics are already operating in the Lower Mainland. 

"This is the first step for Kelowna to have long-term, sustainable health and coaching with lifestyle change and exercise included," Biffart said. 

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