One Water set to rise

Madison Erhardt

Kelowna hasn't seen this much concrete since construction of the Bennett Bridge. 

Work crews were are at the One Water Street site in downtown Kelowna before dawn to begin a massive concrete pour that could involve as many as 2,000 truckloads.  

"Our first guy arrived on site at 2:30 a.m.to get set up for all the crews at 3 a.m., and our first load of concrete came at 4 a.m.," said construction manager Robert Camacho.

About 55 workers are on site, plus those driving the concrete trucks.

"At this volume, I believe this is the largest residential pour in Kelowna's history," said Camacho.

The day has required weeks of planning. 

"For the last four weeks, we have been doing nothing but planning for this day. We have been orchestrating the four pumps we have on site, coming up with backup plans, and making sure this day goes smoothly."

Soon, the building will begin rising up out of the ground. 

"You're going to start seeing the building going up and start stretching into the sky," said Camacho. 

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