Know alleged car thief?

UPDATE: 3:45 p.m.

Kelowna police said their investigation is ongoing into a man who allegedly stole a vehicle and was caught on camera hotwiring it.

Cpl. Tania Carroll said the man has not yet been positively identified.

The 1998 Honda Civic coupe was stolen from a driveway on Monday morning and found later ditched at the Superstore parking lot. A video of a man wearing gloves was shared online as he was entering the believed to be the same vehicle, with the same license plate.

"The lead investigator is aware of the video as well as all incoming information," she said.

No arrests have been made yet and anyone with information should contact RCMP.

ORIGINAL: 6:45 a.m.

Car enthusiasts and social media helped return a stolen vehicle in Kelowna.

Angela Corfe left her Rutland home to find her 1998 Honda Civic coupe stolen from her driveway on Monday morning.

Corfe, 22, and her mother Michelle Casey quickly posted images of her “baby” on numerous automotive enthusiast Facebook pages and followers shared the photographs to help get the word out.

Police were contacted and the car community had eyes looking everywhere for the vehicle.

It was Monday at about 5:30 p.m. when Nick Pawlikowski spotted a civic that looked exactly like Corfe’s stolen vehicle in the Orchard Park mall parking lot.

“It was the exhaust on the car that gave it away,” said Casey. “The two weren’t friends but knew each other from car events.”

Pawlikowski called the police and daringly approached the man who was wearing black gloves as he was headed for the civic. The license plate matched Corfe’s and also a very identifiable cut out of a cupcake hung from the rearview mirror.

“Hi, that’s a really nice Civic,” he can be heard saying in a video. “One of those was stolen earlier today.”

The man responds and say “oh yeah, really?”

“Did you guys do that by any chance,” Pawlikowski asks.

“No,” he says with a smirk.

“Car was stolen, you are wearing gloves,” says Pawlikowski. “There was literally a Facebook post on it today.”

The man can be seen hotwiring the vehicle in the parking lot and driving away.

When Corfe watched the video she screamed “that’s my car! He has my cupcake!”

“We scoured every parking lot and back alley looking for it,” said Casey.

Later that night, Corfe’s boyfriend found the vehicle in the Superstore parking lot right out front of the Keg Restaurant.

“He stole her CDs,” said Casey. “I don’t know what he wants with a 22-year-old girl’s CDs, he got Dixie Chicks and Selena Gomez… get a grip buddy.”

It appears the man used a quarter tank of gas and the only damage to the vehicle was to the bumper and the ignition column.

“It’s her baby, it is her pride and joy,” said Casey. “She’s ecstatic, she’s just so happy.”


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