Idling thanks to tariffs

Brock Elliott, the president of Kelowna boat manufacturer Campion Boats, has had to put entire parts of his business on pause.

Things in his industry became complicated last month when the United States extended tariffs on aluminum and steel to Canada and other countries.

The 25 per cent tax on Canadian steel and 10 per cent tax on Canadian aluminum meant things got more expensive for American producers that use Canadian metal—expenses they passed along to manufacturers like Campion.

However, when Canada retaliated with proposed tariffs of its own, things got really messy.

“We were doing all the spreadsheets, doing everything for 2019 pricing when this came down and we just stopped,” Elliott says. “We just have to wait until we know more.”

For more on why Elliott says the Canadian government's counter-tariff plans are "shocking," as well as what it means for the local industry, check out the full story on Castanet's sister business news website, Okanagan Edge.

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