All about Okanagan Lake


A local researcher and author is preparing to launch the first book all about Okanagan Lake.

Raphael Nowak has been studying the science and history of the lake for 15 years, and recently completed a degree in Freshwater Science at UBC’s Okanagan Campus.

"The book provides a comprehensive and illustrated investigation into the science and history of the lake, with special emphasis on personal research expeditions conducted in the deep abyss," said Nowak.

The book titled Okanagan Lake explores both above and below the waters. 

"A chapter is dedicated to scientific concepts of the lake, including discussions on limnology, biology, and geology," Nowak said.

"The heart of the Okanagan Lake book features original underwater studies and discoveries, made possible by self-built underwater gear including remotely operated vehicles, sonar, and camera rigs. I have always had a natural curiosity and healthy respect for this lake, which has driven me to learn more about the unexplored concepts of the lake.” says Raphael.

There are over 300 above and underwater colour images throughout the book providing a unique, immersive perspective to the reader.

The design and layout phase of the book are complete the next step is to raise funds to assist in covering the printing costs.

To support Nowak  in his next phase, visit GoFundMe

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