More feces falling from sky

Reports of human poop falling from the sky have been pouring in since first reported last week.

Two incidents occurred in Kelowna just days apart on May 9 and May 12, in which witnesses report brown liquid falling onto cars, leaving behind a stinky mess.

A woman living in Abbotsford now tells Castanet that her vehicle and four others were also covered with poop in that city.

Karen Copeland was parked at Mill Lake Road about 7:40 p.m. on May 10 when the liquid fell on five vehicles.

“My daughter and I were in the car at the time, thank goodness, when we heard this nasty splat,” she said. “Unbelievably terrible smell.”

A Castanet story on May 9 reported how a woman was stopped at a Kelowna intersection when foul-smelling brown liquid fell through her car's open sunroof.

Susan Allan said she was stopped at Bernard Avenue and Spall Road when she looked up and saw a plane fly over as more liquid continued to fall.

“It stunk, it was gross. It felt dirty, and right away you could smell poop,” she said.

A second incident was reported to Castanet just a few days after on May 12, only 700 metres from the first.

Brett Yates said he came out to find his vehicle and two others parked on Ufton Court covered with poop.

“It kind of went across my roof, the windshield beside mine and the hood beside them,” he said. “It was something travelling in a path, so I just kind of thought about it and thought it must have been birds.”

Transport Canada is investigating the two Kelowna incidents and says it's possible an aircraft valve could have malfunctioned.

“If there was an aircraft in the area with a malfunctioning lavatory waste system, Transport Canada would pursue appropriate action against the aircraft carrier,” said a spokesperson.

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