'Poop' covers more cars

Brett Yates figured a bird had just pooped on his vehicle — until he read about a woman’s car being covered in feces, apparently from a plane flying over an intersection just 700 metres from his home.

He noticed a trail of brown splatters on his parked vehicle and several others.

“We had come home around 5:30 p.m. on May 12 and parked our car,” he said. “I went back out at about 6:30 to grab something to eat and that’s when I noticed the car was covered in poop.”

Yates said it was bizarre because there was so much poop and it was in a diagonal pattern across all three vehicles.

“It kind of went across my roof, the windshield beside mine and the hood beside them,” he said. “It was something travelling in a path so I just kind of thought about it and thought it must have been birds.”

A Kelowna woman and her son were parked at the intersection of Bernard Avenue and Spall Road on May 9, when feces fell out of a plane, came through the sun roof and landed on the two of them.

The incident was just around the corner from Ufton Court, where Yates' car was parked.

“It was really bizarre because I couldn’t figure out what had happened until I read your story,” said Yates.

Transport Canada told Castanet in an email that it is possible that a valve malfunctioned and allowed some leakage of the tank’s contents.

Spokesperson Daniel Savoie said they are aware of the first incident and are taking it very seriously.

Yates said he cleaned off his vehicle right away and this entire situation has made him think twice about opening the sunroof.

Alanna Kelly

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