Feces falls from sky

Alanna Kelly

A Kelowna woman is mortified and asking for an apology after she claims feces fell from a plane, through the sunroof of her vehicle and landed on her.

Susan Allan and her son were at the intersection of Bernard Avenue and Spall at about 1:30 on May 9 when they felt a wet liquid fall on them.

“It stunk, it was gross, it felt dirty and right away you could smell poop,” she said.

Her green BMW was covered with brown-greyish liquid.

“It was falling from the sky… you could feel the drops hitting you,” she said.

Allan said it felt like a dump truck full off mud was dumped on them.

When the two looked up in the sky, they saw a plane flying overhead and more fecal matter dropping from it.

“Oh my god, I am covered in poo,” she remembers saying as her son hosed her down at a nearby carwash.

Transport Canada spokesperson Daniel Savoie tells Castanet they are aware of the incident and are taking it  very seriously.

A swipe on Allan’s eye revealed conjunctivitis in both eyes after being inundated with sewage from an overhead plane while driving.

Her doctor also told her she had a small burn on her eye, which is caused from liquid blue, a chemical used for freeze waste.

Savoie said that each air operator is responsible for ensuring that their aircraft operates safely and in compliance with the Canadian Aviation Regulations.

Frozen lavatory waste is referred to as “blue ice,” and it is possible that a valve malfunctioned and allowed some leakage of the tank’s content.

“If this happens, the liquid seeping from valves freezes and adheres to the outside of the aircraft when the aircraft is flying at high altitudes,” he said.

As the aircraft starts its descent and the atmosphere gets warmer, the ice will start to melt and pieces will detach themselves from the aircraft.

“These pieces of ice will either melt or remain in their solid state before hitting the ground,” said Savoie.

Allan said she is confident it is human feces and not from a bird.

“It would have taken a thousand flocks of birds to fly over all at once to cover my car as much as it was covered,” she said.

She is asking for an apology from the airline and also wants her vehicle detailed because it still smells like feces.

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