Frantic 911 call in court

“My sister's boyfriend is dying, you need to send an ambulance right away!” Phillisede Foureyes frantically screamed to a 911 operator two years ago.

The recording of the conversation was played in Kelowna court Tuesday, at the second-degree murder trial of Chad Alphonse, Phillisede's boyfriend and the man accused of stabbing Waylon Jackson to death on the evening of March 11, 2016.

After a night when they had planned to decorate Naomi Foureyes' and Jackson's Gerstmar Road condo for Naomi's baby shower the next day, Jackson and Alphonse got into a fight,.

Phillisede testified Alphonse and Jackson were trying to hit each other with chairs, and Jackson appeared to be winning the fight.

At one point, Phillisede said she heard Jackson “gasp” and saw him slump back on the floor, with his eyes closed. “There was blood everywhere, gushing everywhere,” she testified.

After Jackson slumped over, Alphonse walked out the front door, despite Phillisede's objections.

Phillisede then made the call to 911, parts of which were unintelligible.

“Please help me, my sister's freaking out, she has children,” she screamed.

In the recording, the 911 operator repeatedly tells Phillisede to take a breath and calm down, until Phillisede eventually hangs up. She testified the 911 operator had been rude to her.

After she hangs up, the two 911 operators can be heard discussing what they could make out from Phillisede's call, and one confirms she heard her say there was a stabbing.

Following the 911 call, and after police arrived, Alphonse called Phillisede's phone.

“I said that 'You killed Waylon,'” Phillisede testified. “I don't think he knew what was going on.”

Phillisede never said she actually saw Alphonse stab Jackson, but testified Naomi told her. 

A short while later, police found Alphonse two blocks away from the house with a bloody knife in his pocket. The blood on the knife matched Jackson's DNA.

While Alphonse had been living at VisionQuest Recovery Society for some time, he has been living with Phillisede, his girlfriend during the Kelowna trial.

The trial is scheduled through until March 23.

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