Going to the Paralympics

Kelowna's David Broman will be joining a multi-national team for all athletes in South Korea for the 2018 Paralympic Winter Games in PyeongChang.  

It's a huge oversimplification, to say the least, but David Broman of Kelowna's Hager Orthopaedic Clinics is essentially an equipment manager for Paralympic athletes.

If an athlete has a problem with one of their prosthesis, Broman would adjust and repair it to get them back up and competing, and the same thing if they have an orthesis (a brace).

"If they break their prosthesis, they can't race. Usually, these athletes don't have a spare prosthesis or orthesis," says Broman. "It's not like they can take their everyday walking day leg and go do a boarder cross."

Broman is very well known in the field and is often called on for his expertise. 

As far as Broman knows, he is the only Canadian prosthetist heading to South Korea; his counterparts at the games will all be from either from Asia or Europe.  

Broman has been around the competitive world of para-athletics for years. He was one of the prosthetists at the Vancouver Winter Olympics and as a direct result of that experience, he has spent the past five years working with athletes at the Parasnowboard World Championship at Big White.

"These people are just the most amazing athletes on the planet," Broman says, somewhat gushingly. "These are just amazing individuals. They do such amazing things." 

While Broman will be a supportive member of Team Canada he will also be on hand to help athletes from other countries. 

"Every athlete, it doesn't matter where they are from. We have done helped athletes from Australia, Belgium, Kurdistan, U.S.A, pretty much everywhere you can imagine, we have fixed something for somebody."

Broman leaves for South Korea on March 7.

The athletes will compete at the 2108 Paralympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang from March 9 to 18.  

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