'Disheveled and terrified'

UPDATE: 3:45 p.m.

When a West Kelowna RCMP officer found the victim of an alleged violent rape just before 7 a.m. on Feb. 21, 2016, she leapt from the bush she had been hiding in and demanded he take her away from the area.

The officer said that in his 15 years of service, he'd never seen someone so eager to get into his car.

The officer found M, who's identity is protected under a publication ban, near Green Bay Road and Wiig Road. She appeared disheveled, intoxicated and terrified, the officer testified Tuesday.

Initially, M wouldn't tell the officer what had happened, as she said she had been threatened by her attacker and she feared for her safety.

After taking M to the hospital, the officer found that police had attended a nearby home earlier that morning for a report of a disturbance.

The officer attended the residence on Wiig Road at about 10:30 a.m. and talked to two young people at the home. They confirmed M had attended the home and said they believed consensual sex had occurred.

Jeremy Czechowski, the suspect in the case, was not at the home that morning.

Meanwhile, a doctor at KGH performed a number of post-sexual assault tests on M, including swabbing several parts of her body.

When the investigating officer applied to have these swabs analyzed by the RCMP lab, the lab told him they wouldn't perform the tests, because multiple people had said the sex was consensual.

The officer objected to this decision, but no analysis was performed.

Earlier Tuesday, the doctor who performed the post-sexual assault examination of M testified the bruising on M's legs were consistent with legs that had been forced open and bruising on her wrists were consistent with someone who had been restrained.

In his cross examination of the doctor, Czechowski's defence counsel Cory Armour suggested that M's injuries could have been a result of consensual sex.

“Sometimes people like to engage in rougher sex than other individuals,” Armour posed to the doctor. “You've heard of S & M and bondage and those sorts of things?

“What about strangulation or asphyxiation for pleasure, that occurs, correct?”

The trial continues Wednesday.

ORIGINAL: 1:05 p.m.

The trial began Tuesday of a man alleged to have violently raped a woman two years ago in West Kelowna.

Jeremy Czechowski, 35, listened as a Kelowna General Hospital doctor described the injuries she found on the tearful and distraught victim.

The victim, referred to as M to protect her identity, had been at a Kelowna nightclub on Feb. 20, 2016, with her friend, B.

When the bar closed, B called Czechowski, who sent two people to pick them up and drive them to a West Kelowna home. M was introduced to Czechowski for the first time.

“Within a few minutes of being there, you will hear that the accused ripped (M's) underwear off her,” Crown prosecutor Angela Ross told Justice Kenneth Ball.

The doctor, part of KGH's sexual assault response team, saw M at 8:40 a.m. the next morning. She said M was “tearful and distraught” and “voicing extreme fearfulness for her and her family's life.”

M told the doctor she was attacked and violently raped in an upstairs bedroom for two hours.

M said she initially fled to an adjoining bathroom, but couldn't lock the door. She said the man forced her to the floor, stripped her clothes off and pushed her face down on a bed, before raping her.

Throughout the assault, she said she struggled and fought back. She attempted to escape, but others in the house threatened her and wouldn't let her leave. At one point, she said she was pushed down a flight of stairs.

Crown prosecutor Angela Ross said B knocked on the door to the upstairs bedroom twice, but Czechowski told her to leave.

At some point, M said she managed to escape from the home, and called B, who had left, asking for help. B called the police and an officer found M in “a state of distress and disheveled" on a nearby road.

The KGH examination found bruising on the back of her neck, consistent with being restrained from behind, a goose egg on her head, bruising on her jaw line and collarbone, among other injuries.

Throughout the doctor's testimony, Czechowski looked down at the floor. 

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