Teen action on food waste


An Okanagan Mission Grade 11 student's petition to stop food waste in Canada is attracting a lot of attention. The petition to the federal minister of agriculture calls on new rules for how food is handled.

The online petition launched just over two weeks ago already has over 44,000 signatures.

'I decided I was fed up with the $31B of perfectly good food being wasted by supermarkets every year in Canada, while four million are food insecure. My family used to be four of them.' said  Justin Kulik. 'This isn't just stale bread and mouldy produce. This is good to eat food of all sorts. Produce, dairy, grain, protein, and everything outside of those.'

In 2015, the French government passed a law forbidding supermarkets from wasting and deliberately destroying food that can still be eaten. Instead, supermarkets have since been required to donate all unsold food products to charity such as food banks.

'A similar anti-food waste law can and should be implemented in Canada, nationwide.' added Kulick 'As it is, Quebec is now requiring that all supermarkets give unused food to food banks. Doing the same on a federal scale is not inconceivable. It is doable, and it is already being done in communities worldwide.'

The petition asks the government to do 3 things:

  • Bar supermarkets from intentionally destroying and wasting unsold, still edible food
  • Require Canadian supermarkets to give unsold, still edible food to Canadian food banks
  • Require Canadian supermarkets to give wrongfully packaged or damaged, still edible food to Canadian food banks

To sign the petition click here or use the #WhyWasteFood and #FoodDeservesBetter when sharing or discussing this campaign on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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