Flower art fights cancer

A Kelowna artist who's had her work featured on Canada Post stamps is putting her paintbrush to work to raise funds for colorectal cancer research.

Laurie Koss painted "Gillian's Flower" for good friend Gillian White.

The painting is one of a collection of 22 from her solo art show, Pansy, which came to be dedicated to White, a five-year survivor of colorectal cancer.

All proceeds from the sale of prints and greeting cards support the BC Cancer Foundation's work to support advancements in colorectal cancer research.

So far, the effort has raised more than $3,000.

"Gillian and I would like to ... create more awareness around this deadly disease that is curable if caught early enough," said Koss.

"The available screening practices are underused in our community because people are either unaware of them or don't bother getting them done. I alone have known three people in our city diagnosed too late in the past six months."

Koss' works are on display at Hambleton Galleries in Kelowna.

Previously, her works were featured on Canada Post’s celebrated Flower Series stamps.

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