PM speaks to new citizens

Canada's citizenry grew by 60 people Wednesday afternoon in Kelowna, and the new Canadians were welcomed by a special guest.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau addressed the citizenship ceremony in Stuart Park before the new Canadians recited their oath of citizenship in front of hundreds gathered in the park.

“I know you will follow in the footsteps of the millions of families who once stood where you are today and shaped this country every day, all of us together, into an even better place to call home,” Trudeau said.

Nargiz Bunyatova was born in Azerbaijan and moved to Canada in 2007. She officially became a Canadian citizen Wednesday, and was very happy about it.

“This is the country of freedom. I don't want sound cliche, but you feel free here, you feel at peace,” Bunyatova said following the ceremony. “Freedom and peace is something that people in this country, when they were born in this country, they take it for granted. But in many other countries, it means a lot.”

People of all ages, from around the world, and those who have lived in Canada for years were part of Wednesday's ceremony.

“Love and peace and friendship, this is so important in our lives – and this is what Canada gives you,” Bunyatova said.  

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