Farm for wildfire evacuees

Alanna Kelly

An East Kelowna family is offering up space on their farm for people and their animals who have been evacuated from their homes as wildfires spread across British Columbia.

Denise lives on the property with her husband, and they know far too well what it feels like to flee from their home during a fire.

“In the fires years ago, we were displaced and we had to take our parrots and all our animals to Calgary to get them away from the fires,” she said.

They got word of a family who needed somewhere to stay after being evacuated and offered up their farm.

“There was a family in need on their way here devastated with three horses and they had no idea where they were going. That just hurt my heart to hear that,” she said. “Fortunately, they found a place an hour from here.”

She added that if she had to leave again, she hopes people would open up their homes and help them get out with their animals.

Their property has plenty of room for tents, an RV that a family could stay in, two large empty paddocks, along with a small and large pasture for farm animals.

The family asked that if anyone needed their help to contact them at 250-863-7161 or at [email protected]

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